I Will Screw Up

I Will Screw Up I will screw up. You know this. You will screw up. You this too. Each failure teaches you what not to do the next time. I hope you screw up often. You will do dumb things. Laugh at yourself.  You were funny.


Honest mistakes won’t ruin children. Children will be patient, supportive and forgiving and help if they know that you make mistakes, that you have weaknesses, and that you may need help. Children need to know the truth; to be honest with them gives them a sense of security and predictability. It doesn’t matter that things will go wrong if we…

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At the End of It All

At the End of It All At the end of it all I will push my children off the cliff.  Look at that view I will say. Go closer to the edge – the view is better from there. Don’t worry, I have your back. As they oooh and aaah I will push them.  I will listen to the sweet…

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